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Hip Chick Lingo

PAO = periacetabular osteotomy
SDD = surgical dislocation and debridement
LPAO = left periacetbular osteotomy
RPAO = right periacetabular osteotomy
THR = Total Hip Replacement
BHR = Birmingham Hip Resurfacing
FAI = Femoral Acetabular Impingement
OS = orthopedic surgeon
PT = physical therapy
ROM = Range of Motion
PWB = Partial Weight Bearing
FWB = Full Weight Bearing

"Normal" Vs Dysplastic X-Ray

Normal Hip

Dysplastic Hip


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Latest Activity

Darlene Neilson replied to Stephanie Michael's discussion TRICARE Denials, FAI and arthroscopy
"our Case Is At The Defense Health Agency In Colorado.They Are ReconsideRing My son's Case As Well.As All The CPT Codes. If You Or YoUr Surgeon Have Anything to add, Please. Email Me. They Want All.Important Research And Studies. Only Have Til…"
19 hours ago
Hipper replied to Hipper's discussion Risk of Revision Scope?
"Thanks for the reply Donna. I'm seeing Dr. Philippon this week for his opinion on a revision scope. I've seen/remotely consulted with 3 other top surgeons-all have said my articular cartilage damage is too advanced. Dr. Philippon is taking…"
Sep 6
Gina Nini replied to Gina Nini's discussion Fai Hip Scope w/ Psoas release and neck and femoral head resection
"Just found out my labrum is torn again. I guess from the fall at the hospital between my Arthogram and MRI. Possible miniscus tear having MRI Saturday. Has anyone had any experience with Dr. Misty Suri in NewOrleans? Dr byrd in Nashville is…"
Sep 5
Donna Mercer replied to Gina Nini's discussion Fai Hip Scope w/ Psoas release and neck and femoral head resection
"Hi sorry to read about your pain, but your story is so like mine. I had scope with psoas release only to suffer for 18 months afterwards. I too had 80 PT visits, acupunture, needling cortisone injection, massage etc etc. to no avail. I had so much…"
Sep 1


TRICARE Denials, FAI and arthroscopy 332 Replies

For all of you non-active duty TRICARE beneficiaries--please, please, please--go through the denial appeals process.  I am at the 3rd level (Lose track after awhile)--but the next level is the…Continue


Started by Stephanie Michael. Last reply by Darlene Neilson 19 hours ago.

Risk of Revision Scope? 2 Replies

Hi,Has anyone had 1) residual cam impingement post arthroscopy and 2) been told that a revision arthroscopy to remove the remaining cam impingment is not ideal because a revision could accelerate…Continue

Tags: Revision

Started by Hipper. Last reply by Hipper Sep 6.

Fai Hip Scope w/ Psoas release and neck and femoral head resection 2 Replies

In Nov. 2011 I had fai hip scope, labral repair (debridement) femoral neck and head resection and psoas release because of internal snapping hip syndrome. My snapping hip only became painful after a…Continue

Started by Gina Nini. Last reply by Gina Nini Sep 5.

Hip Flexor Pain After Arthroscopic Surgery for FAI?

Hello- I had Arthroscopic surgery last November in my RH for FAI.  Was healing nicely, and made the mistake of going skiing 13 weeks in :(  Since then I've had clicking and pain in my right hip…Continue

Tags: flexor, hip

Started by Shelley Merrick Aug 31.

Hello....anyone there? 11 Replies

3 years ago, I joined this site, and received much valuable help and replies.I have rejoined recently, and find very few postings.What happened to all those hip chicks around the world who helped me…Continue

Started by Donna Mercer. Last reply by Christina Stephenson Aug 30.

Minimally invasive surgery for hip dysplasia (PAO with a twist) 5 Replies

Hi,I'm a 28 year old girl from Norway with bilateral dysplasia, and finally (yay!) on the right track towards seeing a specialist regarding PAO.  I've been stalking the forum for quite some time,…Continue

Tags: surgery, PAO, dysplasia

Started by Julie Nielsen. Last reply by Julie Nielsen Aug 22.

SmartCrutches? 3 Replies

Hi HipChicks,Has anyone out there used the SmartCrutches, or something similar to alleviate/reduce the amount of weight on your hands?Looking for any suggestions or personal stories.Thanks!Continue

Started by Dana H.. Last reply by Dana H. Aug 19.

New 3 Replies

Hey guys,I'm new here. Had a hip scope 4 months ago after having mainly posterior buttocks and SI pain with intermittent groin pain. Happy to say the butt, back, and SI pain are 95 percent gone.…Continue

Started by Angie Hipster. Last reply by Barbara Madden Jul 22.

Labral Tear years after PAO?

Hi. I had my LPAO in May of 2011. RPAO Dec. 2011. I've been so lucky to be pain free (hip wise) until 2 weeks ago. I bent down and heard a loud pop felt by immediate pain. Intense pain exactly where…Continue

Started by danielle Jul 10.

14 Year Old Daughter DXed with FAI

My 14 year old has been complaining of hip pain this past year, which suddenly has increased. After my own nightmare (labral tear from trauma, incidental finding of minor FAI, sports hernia, all…Continue

Tags: arthrogram, teenagers, FAI

Started by Alex D Jul 7.





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