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Hip Chick Lingo

PAO = periacetabular osteotomy
SDD = surgical dislocation and debridement
LPAO = left periacetbular osteotomy
RPAO = right periacetabular osteotomy
THR = Total Hip Replacement
BHR = Birmingham Hip Resurfacing
FAI = Femoral Acetabular Impingement
OS = orthopedic surgeon
PT = physical therapy
ROM = Range of Motion
PWB = Partial Weight Bearing
FWB = Full Weight Bearing

"Normal" Vs Dysplastic X-Ray

Normal Hip

Dysplastic Hip


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Jan 18
Elisabeth R posted a discussion

Regenexx Stem Cell Therapy

Has anyone tried the Regenexx Stem Cell Procedure?  After two surgeries in my left and one in my right I'm still in pain and I think I tore my labrum again.  I'm almost 47 do I really want another surgery.  I also get the constant catching and popping in both hips, sometimes very painful.   I'm also wondering if I have adductor tendonitis.  The doc I went to see for the tendonitis very happily gave a brochure and sent me on my way.  The smallest wrong movement can also cause a sharp pain.  I go…See More
Jan 9
Natalie Davis joined Krystal Clausen's group

PAO Hippies

Hi All. So since we have many people on here that are going through different things, SDD, PAO, THR, Resurfacing.... I thought it might be good to start a group for each procedure since the recovery and healing times are so different.
Jan 9


Regenexx Stem Cell Therapy

Has anyone tried the Regenexx Stem Cell Procedure?  After two surgeries in my left and one in my right I'm still in pain and I think I tore my labrum again.  I'm almost 47 do I really want another…Continue

Tags: cell, stem

Started by Elisabeth R Jan 9.

Heterotopic ossification

Hi! Has anyone developed heterotopic ossification post hip arthroscopy? If so, what treatment did you have? I know it's not too common but I seem to be falling in the 1-6% catagory.

Started by Dorfy Jan 8.

From Labral repair to a schedule Hip Replacement at 46...yike? 1 Reply

Hello, I'm new here.  I just wanted to tell my story and see if there was anyone else like me out there.  About a year and a half ago, my hip starting aching and it got worse where sleeping was…Continue

Started by Christine Nash. Last reply by Dorfy Jan 8.

Too old for arthroscopic surgery to repair labral tear? 1 Reply

I have labral tears in both hips and impingement. I go through periods of pain and then it gets better. Recently I had a flare up and went back to a sports med doctor. He said that the surgery works…Continue

Started by Jillian Siskind. Last reply by Hipster chick Jan 4.

Can someone explain sclerosis?

I spoke with Dr. Sinks office who reviewed my hip X-ray and said I have sclerosis and offered me an appt. I am 2 years post-op right hip scope for labral tear, camand pincer and psoas release…Continue

Started by Hipster chick Dec 30, 2014.

giving birth after labral tear repair / pregnancy effects

Hello everyone, I had right hip labral tear repair with slight pincer debridement and chondroplasty two years ago along with mild hip dysplasia. I don't think I ever fully recovered since I continue…Continue

Tags: tear, labral, dysplasia, pincer, surgery

Started by Joanna Dec 14, 2014.

Hip scope/open success story 18 Replies

I just wanted to make a new post because today is one year post op of my scope and open combo that I had for a CAM lesion and they cleaned up my labrum. It ended up not being torn but frayed. I never…Continue

Started by Claire Brady. Last reply by Claire Brady Nov 19, 2014.

HI / I'm new / PAO coming up! 1 Reply

Hi everyone,I'm so glad to have found this site where I can read everyone's stories and tips. It's nice to feel like part of a community, even though it's a bit unfortunate to have hip dysplasia!…Continue

Started by Kirstin Huber. Last reply by Claire Brady Nov 18, 2014.

New: Steroid Injection v. Surgery 1 Reply

Hi All,I'm new on here, and hoping some of you can shed light on what I'm going through.  I had an MRI with contrast and was diagnosed with a labral tear to my right hip.  It had been hurting off and…Continue

Tags: surgery, steroid, labrum

Started by Nicolette Ward. Last reply by Barbara Madden Nov 18, 2014.

Failed Left Labral Repair and Bone Resurfacing with PNE 2 Replies

Hi Friends,Last Feb 2013 had Labral repair left side and bone surfacing with him impingement.  I also have Pudendal nerve issues. But, we wanted to tackle the hip first. After surgery my hip is…Continue

Started by Jennifer L Novelli. Last reply by Barbara Madden Nov 18, 2014.





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